A beautiful gallery...

Here I have separated my different sites into sections for easier organization. Sadly, not all pages are up yet because we are starting fresh.

: Personal : I assume you could say these are sites dedicated to me; however, while they do revolve around my individual tastes they also have some interesting articles, ramblings, and a bit of art for the creative soul within.
: Shrines : Who isnít a fan of anime/manga without a shrine to one of their beloved characters now-a-days, eh? Or maybe a splash of video game obsessions has lead you to drool over your favorite battle system. Either way, this is where I show my love to my excessive hobbies into the animated world.
: Hosted Sites : I don't host a lot of people, and if I do, they better be pretty darn special. You should visit them because we all know they deserve it!
: Shutdown : Well, some of the sites in here had a wonderful run but, I couldn't keep them up and running.
: Projects : A list of ideas and upcoming websites that have sprung into my mind. Who knows what the future will hold for these sites.