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Hello and welcome dear visitor. You’ve stumbled upon Faithful Dreamer.NET, a collective of various creations and interests by Jackie. This site is a home for all of her inspiration and desires. Contained within this network are websites dedicated to an ample amount of anime and/or manga content & video games; however, more often then not does this network expand into subjects such as metaphysical study, rich pieces of literature, or fine art, and various other topics that might strike a cord of curiosity.

This is the first version of Faithful Dreamer.NET, which has been dubbed A Lover’s Depression. It features two characters from the manga Season of Love. This site is meant to be viewed in a very high resolution of 1280 by 1024; however, most resolutions should not have a problem though the layout may look rather bulky, if anything.

If you have any problems, questions, or even suggestions then feel free to contact Jackie at any time during your stay here. Thank you for visiting.

The stories she told...

July 19, 2007
It's been a long while, but we're finally updating here. I knew this site would get little updates; however, I did want a balance of all my pieces of work across the internet. If anything, please expect a few tweaks in the future. I have made an ample change by transferring to a new host, all the while I have finally opened the website, Only The Bitch Knows. I also have a hostee which is Meru-chan whom runs an art site entitled Ever Night. All of these should be organized within the month. Please be patient as we get through this move, and thank you for checking back.

October 30, 2006
Wow, I'm so amazed and excited. After a very long time of web design, all the way since I was in fourth grade, am I now able to bring to the public my own domain. I'm just sorry it took such a long time. Having my own space of the internet is certainly a refresher, if anything---better yet, it's something to be proud of because in a way, I feel as if I earned it. Then again, that may be my huge ego talking.

I still have quite a few updates to do, and a lot of pages to revamp. I have a lot of work ahead of me but, with readers such as yourselves, I'm positive I can do it. Thank you for years of support everyone!