Where it all began...

Faithful Dreamer was created as a blog site back in March of 2001. Around this time I had my own server but, not my own domain. The blog struggled onward for a year before being tossed aside. Shortly afterwards, Faithful Dreamer was applied as a linkware graphic site, and had mild success in its growth. That site only lasted six months before being closed down. There was a period of relaxation when it came to the Faithful Dreamer title as I, Jackie, the owner was in a period of web design solely for business purposes only where I learned to matured.

In February 2005, Faithful Dreamer once more took its status as a personal blog. This time the updates came a bit more steady but, never truly exceeded anything more than three times a month. At this point in time, Homestead, the server I had been using devotedly for almost six years finally offered me much more space than I ever imagined and a free domain (right around the time I was on the verge of moving to my own, too).

Faithful Dreamer.NET was officially born on October 27, 2006. The actual birth date for the name; however, will always remain March of 2001 (supposedly the 8th), which means Faithful Dreamer is five years old. Since the idea for Faithful Dreamer.NET was created it has grown with only one hosting service, Homestead, throughout its years.

In July of 2007, after almost seven years with Homestead, Faithful Dreamer.NET was moved to BlueHost to give more space and allow more growth.