What's in a name...?

So, what made me decide to place two random words together to get Faithful Dreamer. Well, back in late 2001 I discovered it was time to start my own blog. They were rather big back in 1995 to early 2000s, and that was somewhat considered the top of the top with web designing for most interested. Obviously, I decided I was ready to because I felt I had the experience required. The problem was it seemed everyone had a nifty name for their blog. It was notable that I wanted something unique. I also desired something that fit me without being too big-headed.

I brainstormed a bit and came up with a few things like magic, desire, hopeful, etc. I just hoped to find either a word or two words that I could place together. This proved to be a three-day challenge until finally I was set on the word dreamer. While I wanted that word, it was used to insane standards, and as I said, I wanted to be uncommon. So, I went with my other word hope. Hopeful Dreamer, no… a bit bland… In the end, faithful finally came to mind. I thought it was perfect because once I had those two words, the title just clicked. It just seemed absolutely right.

What I liked about it was that it also described myself like I was attempting to. The word faithful applied to the faithful and hopeful attitude of cheeriness & things will get better that I still hold in high esteem to this day. Dreamer, is most self-explanatory, as I am the dreamer with my vivid imagination. Thus, I had my blog title. Faithful Dreamer, and the name has only grown fonder. I've never seen a mimic of my lovely name, nor have I ever had the urge to change it. I hope to have the name for a very long time.