Let's get personal, shall we...?

Name: Faithful Dreamer.NET
Comment(s): This is the site you are currently visiting. Faithful Dreamer.NET is my collective of all the sites I have made, will make, and have had a good run. While this site is updated once a new project is created or finished, this is probably one of my sites that doesn't get updated that often.
Completed: 100%

Name: Faithful Dreamer Blog
Comment(s): This is my personal website, basically my blog where I tend to rant until the day runs cold. Generally, I only update every two to three times a month. Usually, if I'm bored or really need an outlet for my feelings, this is the site I turn to. If you wish to learn a little more about moi, feel free to visit!
Completed: 89%; I'm so lazy with this site it seems

Name: Inner Memories (?)
Comment(s): A metaphysical focused site with personal tid-bits from my own studies & experience to those who are open minded. I wish to have many articals that will introduce tarot, spirit guides, dream examination, past-life memories, and other workings to beginners and those simply interested.
Completed: 0%; Layout in the workings

Name: Sea-Side Of The Moon
Comment(s): A collection of creative creations that involve graphic work, vector art, traditional drawings, cg, and various other art forms.
Completed: 0%; Has been put on hold

Name: Always Waiting
Comment(s): A webcomic drawn by yours truly.
Completed: 0%; Has been put on hold