Behind the computer screen...

My nameís Jackie Lee Payne but, on the internet Iím referred to as Kanashimi, Selinya, or some times Sabrina. I was born on March 8, 1991. Iím in my second year of high school here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I consider myself a geek girl whose prime objective is too watch anime, read manga, and play video games. Iíll give any anime a chance whether itís magical girl to mecha. My top favorite is Sailor Moon despite how old it is. I also enjoy Ah! My Goddess, Gundam Seed, and Revolutionary Girl Utena (to see a large list of all I have watched, please go here). Iím not as manga inclined as I wish I could be even though I consider myself an avid reader. My favorite manga is Ah! My Goddess but, I also read MARS, More Starlight For Your Heart, and Vampire Princess Miyu (full list found here). Video game wise I enjoy the roleplay genre and the Playstation above all other consoles (Play-Stay girl right here). I canít decide on a favorite video game but, thatís okay. I love the Final Fantasy series (go VIII!), Kingdom Heart series, Star Ocean 2 & 3. Iím also interested in horror video games such as the Clock Tower series, Haunting Ground, Silent Hill series (yay, for James!), Rule of Rose, and an ample amount of others (full list here).

Iíve been interested in the computer since I was five or so. Itís been since 1996 that Iíve had access to one, and 1998 since Iíve experimented in HTML. I become a professional in 2002 by selling my graphics. I am extremely happy to be able to balance my work and my freetime (well, and school) to have Faithful Dreamer.NET and maintain it.

If you wanna learn more about me, try visiting my blog.